Flesheaters Anonymous is a film that shows the realities of addiction, told through one man's story.

At the moment Rick Ashmore awakens—chained to a hospital bed, soaked with blood, no memory of the recent past and a most fetid taste in his mouth—he knows he has hit rock bottom.

The doctors inform him he suffers from Flesheaters—an incurable and progressive disease which turns its host into a crazed, homicidal walking deadman with a predilection for live human flesh.  Very much like a zombie. And during his blackout, he has attacked his best friend, trashed his apartment and his girlfriend, Sam, is missing.  And might have been eaten.  By him.  Which would certainly explain the taste in his mouth.

Since there is nothing further medicine can do, Rick is released, but as he is racked with guilt, Rick teeters dangerously close to relapse.  His only hope of recovery is working the 12 steps of FA: Flesheaters Anonymous—a nonprofit fellowship of former zombies helping each other stay clean.

Flesheaters Anonymous welcomes you when you’ve lost your job, your home, and your family, because you ate them.


For more information about Flesheaters Anonymous, please email us at: info@flesheatersanonymous.com