Montica Pes is a critically-acclaimed, award-winning theater director, who recently relocated to Los Angeles to make films. Since her arrival in 2007, she has founded Pesfu Films and under its banner, she has produced and directed nine shorts, including: Love, Traffic and Nothing Passed Between Us But Soap. She also to appears in Kurt Kuenne's heart-breaking film, Shuffle. Flesheaters Anonymous is her first feature.

Ms. Pes graduated summa cum laude from Columbus College with degrees in theater and English literature. At Columbus College, she holds the distinction of being the first student ever allowed to direct a full production during the mainstage season (Craig Lucas' Blue Window) and she is the only student ever invited to return as a guest director after graduation (Harold Korder's Boys' Life). During her sophomore year, she also completed a prestigious directing apprenticeship with New York Stage & Film/Vassar College and was hired there for eight succeeding seasons. During those years at NYS&F and Vassar, Montica directed two of her seminal works—her adaptations of William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream (1999) and Measure for Measure (2000).

Upon returning to Atlanta for a brief visit after her last summer at NYS&F, Montica was approached by two colleagues with the idea of forming a new theater company: Rogue Planet. This was an opportunity to bring Ms. Pes' raw and visceral aesthetic back to Atlanta after an absence of almost two years. With the phenomenal success of Rogue Planet's first two productions—Measure for Measure and the southeastern premiere of Patrick Marber's Closer, Ms. Pes became convinced that Atlanta needed a theater company that addressed the human condition in an unadulterated, provocative way all year round. Thus, the critically-acclaimed VisionQuest Theater was born, distinguishing itself in its first year, by receiving Creative Loafing's coveted “Critic's Pick for Best Up-and-Coming Theater.” In 2010, Ms. Pes and VisionQuest have been honored again for their 2003 repertory productions of Hamlet and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead by Creative Loafing as one of the 50 Best Plays of the Decade.

Selected other credits include: Urban Fairytale (Theatre/Square); The Weir (Theatre Gael); Medea: The Fury (VisionQuest); When Dignity Is Lost, Lots of Options Open Up (Dad's Garage); Fool for Love (VisionQuest); Closer (Rogue Planet); The Silver Cord (Theatre Emory); Trust (Actor's Express); The Homage That Follows (Dad's Garage); Low Level Panic (Horizon Theatre); Speed-the-Plow (The Human Experience).

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